Started developing software since 2009 and registered this company in 2013

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Who we are

Hlayiseka Mandlazi Software is an IT solutions provider. We assist clients in improving their current systems and make recommendations where necessary; and we also develop more robust applications in order to improve system functionality and productivity. Clients often consult with us in order to get an understanding of the changes needed to their systems.

We implement solutions that benefit individuals, startups and medium-sized businesses. Having recognized that many use software that does not suit their companies’ software requirements and cost consumers a fortune, we are there for them to offer tailor made solutions. HMS encourages them to pay for software that suits their business requirements.

We develop software that is unique, easy to use and user-friendly. Our web hosting services are reliable and affordable. All our packages can be tweaked to meet our client’s requirements. Website development is a service that we also offer but it has become obsolete because of these drag and drop website builders! We are now incorporating software with the internet, thus introducing ‘Software as a Service’ as a new tech that will lead our company forward!

Our mission

To give the community knowledge about custom software development.

To do business all over the country.

To provide custom backups to individuals and medium-sized businesses.

To implement simpler methods of better system understanding.

To create innovative SaaS products.

Would you like to start a project with us?

We are committed to our work and we deliver on time | Contact us | Email: consulting@hmsoftware.co.za

Hlayiseka Mandlazi Software

“I don’t believe in shortcut learning. I never quit, I’de rather compromise and improvise!

No matter how far others are with their projects, one must remain focused and continue to learn more, and will eventually surpass them if possible one day. Some of those who were ahead of me, don’t know what I know in this field. We do things differently, I choose to be different“




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