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School Information System

Every school needs an app to manage their information, daily activities and also need a reliable system to store information (School details, Learner details, Past and present records etc) Our software products are unique, get your own customized system now.

Invoicing System

Invoicing via books or paper is outdated, plus unsafe, records could be misplaced or damaged anytime. But with an app, your records will be secure. You will be able to make backups and retrieve your data anytime from anywhere online.

Benefits of customized software

No other competitor will have the same product as you.

Our products are user friendly.

Customized software = customized pricing = negotiable prices

Why choose customized software?

By using custom software, you have a complete advantage over your competitors. Such software is easy to maintain unlike enterprise software where you pay for extra features that don't meet tour business needs and also install endless updates without seeing any change in the system's functionality. Software should be only modified at a user's request, that makes sense, and that's what we do at HM Software. With us, you save both time and money.

Need a website solution?

Get discovered today on the World Wide Web within a few minutes.

This is advantageous because the more people get to view a website, they are likely to access a website and make purchases.

So the business has more chances of growing whilst online.

Businesses with no online visibility, will have less customers by default.

Our prices are affordable. Packages start from R 100.00 pm

No setup fees. Send us an email now. For unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, click here.



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